On 8th June the school held its annual sports day, which takes place every last Saturday of June. This exciting event draws together learners, teachers, staff, parents, neighboring schools and the community members for a day of fun and sporting. Among the crowd pullers were the challenging sack race combined with other activities such as balancing a hardboiled egg on a desert spoon in one’s mouth. These activities tested for swiftness, ability to focus, overcoming hurdles and teamwork. They indeed generated laughter as teams outdid another in cheering their own.

Another fun event was the tug of war where women parents versus women staff tested each other in muscle. The NMS women staff carried the day. But when it came to male parents against the School’s men staff, the parents routed our staff. The highlight event for the day was soccer for both the Girls and Boys teams. Each group did their very best but it is the boys who won the trophy and carried the day. In spite of the winners, the objective lay not in the competition, but in community building, exercise for the body and building skills that are more often transferred to the classroom and in the life of the school.


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    • All the learners look like they are having a wonderful time!

      Lacy Jo
      May 2, 2016, @ 3:11 pm Reply
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