Who does not enjoy being recognized for their hard work?

Each year the Nambale Magnet School honors its accomplished students with awards in a number of categories. Learners look forward to the opportunity to be recognized and appreciated for their efforts. The children have reacted very positively to the acknowledgement of their hard work. Many of the sponsored learners are coming from an environment that is so harsh; it is the first time for many to feel valued.

Results have led to boosting of self-esteem of the entire student body. This has had the effect of inspiring even more enthusiasm to succeed as well as a closer feeling of community among the learners. We believe that school wide appreciation days, daily attention and nurturing care have contributed to our high academic achievement. We are proud of our children this day and every day.

Learners received awards in various categories including but not limited to academic excellence, discipline, cleanliness, leadership and sports. During the ceremony, learners received the guest of honor with ribbons and flowers while singing and dancing a traditional dance.


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One Response to Awards Day 2017 – Accomplished Students Receive Awards

  1. Good progress in building self esteem and ego among the children, a personal academic performance boost.
    God willing, I’m gonna bring my son for class 7 come 2019.

    Long live our school!

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