Once a year, the Nambale Magnet School has a tradition of holding a sports day for the learners on either the last Saturday of June or first Saturday of July. This year sports day was hosted on July 2nd and the event drew learners, staff, parents, guardians and two neighboring schools to participate.

Learners were divided into 4 groups and given names of wild animals known for their ferocity. This year the animals were Tiger, Cheetah, leopard and Jaguar. 

Some of the activities included sack races, blind folding and three legged race, 100 M sprints, inflating balloons and bottle filling. Some of these races were combined to make them interesting but challenging. They test for skill, speed, flexibility and teamwork.

Parents and staff also battled it out in tug of war and a highly cheered soccer match.

Sports day is intended to foster community building relationships and encourage parental participation in school activities. By the end of the day, everyone was happy and promised to return next year even more prepared.


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