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Sara Oyuu

In our series that looks into workings of the Nambale Magent School, we introduce to you Sara Oyuu.

Sara, who arrived at the school in 2021, is a young and enthusiastic new teacher that teaches French at the school.

The children not only speak their native Kiswahili but are instructed in English and given a third language from an early age.

Sara also teaches computer skills for children from grades 2-6.

Her love for the French language came from a former high school teacher of hers as did her desire to teach. She delights in seeing the young children’s eyes sparkle when new things are introduced to them.

The spark of enthusiasm that these children possess motivate her to continue to introduce them to the gifts of language.

Like most Kenyans, Ugali is her favorite food. Ugali is a staple in the Kenyan diet and is a meal paste served with every meal.

Her favorite past times are watching documentaries and listening to music. She is such a wonderful addition to the school and the students appreciate her warmth and kindness. Thank you Sara!

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