8th Grade Graduation – Class of 2016

The first class of students has just graduated and we here at the Cornerstone Project would like to wish all the very best to each and every one of the graduates as well as every learner still aspiring to graduate in the future.

While the graduation of the first 8th grade class is monumental and cannot be diminished, it is simply a milestone and not the finish line! We have more children to educate and wish to continue to pursue our course of excellence and strengthen the community through education.

Our ultimate goal is to continue to grow though to grade 12 and become sustainable. We need your help to do this and we count on your continued support. Please consider being a sustainer giver with a pledge. We cannot do the things we do without your support.

A View from the Audience – Rev. Peter Stebinger

A couple of highlights for me from attending the first Nambale Magnet School 8th grade graduation in Kenya a couple of weeks ago.

The first was a very moving speech by the top student, Alpha. He is a very articulate person who is one of the fully sponsored learners supported by your donations from the USA. He spoke movingly of how far he had come and of the changes he has experienced. He also stated that he had plans and ambitions to fulfill. When he arrived in 2009, he noted, he didn’t know what he needed and wanted. And now he does.

The second was from the head of the parents organization, the father of a self-sponsored or fee paying student, who said the children were attending school in the finest structure in Western Kenya and it was up to the families to “help our children live up to these buildings.”

The event was very low key as the Kenyan Ministry of Education had required schools to send all students, except the Grade 8s who were taking the Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education Exam, to go home on holiday before the exams were taken. The KCPE exam determines which high schools a student is qualified for. It is a very high stakes test! And after the test was completed and the test papers delivered to the ministry of education station the next day these 8th graders were celebrated as the first or pioneer class.

We had cake and dancing and speeches from parents and students and staff. Two songs were performed and the students specially composed both for the occasion. There was a lot of good energy and everyone was thrilled as the fruits of 12 years of effort reached the first conclusion.

Photos from the graduation ceremony at the Nambale Magnet School

Congratulations to the 8th Grade Graduating Class of 2016!


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