Science Equipment for New Science Lab

There is a new science laboratory in the works at the Nambale Magnet School and in order for learners to get hands on, we are going to need to get some new science equipment. This includes but is not limited to goggles, lab coats,...

$300 Raised Goal $1,000
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Full Cycle Water System

The Nambale Magnet School needs a Full Cycle Water System The water situation in third world countries due to the effects of global warming. As the climate gets hotter, areas on the equator such as the Nambale Magnet School are es...

$98,600 Raised Goal $98,600

Waste to Fuel Biodigester

The school would like to construct a biodigester that will handle waste from the animals and humans effectively which will greatly assist the school in waste disposal and management. It will also be a source of methane gas, which...

$30,000 Raised Goal $30,000

Internet Booster Mast Antenna (WiFi)

Martine Nolletti, the founder of the Cornerstone Project, made a site visit to the school in May and discovered that the Internet connection was so sporadic that a transaction or communication over the internet could be next to im...

$2,500 Raised Goal $2,500

School Nurse Salary

In January of 2018 we were privileged to provide the salary commitment for a school nurse. This was an important gift to the Nambale Magnet School for so many reasons. The clinics and health care options are very far from this rur...

$2,000 Raised Goal $2,000

Roofing the Second Half of the Dairy Unit

In an effort to complete the new dairy unit structure being built on the farm at the Nambale Magnet School we will need to finish roofing the second half of the new dairy unit’s roof. The dairy unit’s expansion will al...

$5,000 Raised Goal $5,000

Constructing a Food Storage Unit

The school has experienced challenges of food storage in the past. It has been very challenging to buy food in bulk during harvest season when the cost is low and affordable. This gift will be used to construct a suitable storage ...

$10,000 Raised Goal $10,000