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The Kio kit is a digital learning system in a box.

The Kio Kit, a fully integrated education platform designed in Africa, that instantly turns any school room into a digital classroom. It is a simple and elegant solution made up of 40 Kio tablets, wireless tablet charging and a hardened, water-resistant, lockable case. There is a single plug used to charge the Kit and one button to power on the entire system.

This simple and easy to use Kio tablet offers a light technology footprint with an intuitive interface designed for children and their teachers. The tablet can run multimedia content, has enough battery to manage intermittent power and is rugged to reduce breakage. Kio tablets are locked to prevent theft and ensure digital child safety.

Cornerstone Project funded the first Kio Kit’s in March of 2017 and the devices where so wildly popular with the students and teachers that another set was ordered in order to allow more children “Kio Kit” time. The day that the Kio kits are assigned to a class room is the happiest day for the children. It has increased their already high level of enthusiasm for learning and education!

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