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The NMS entered the eighth grade year that is pivotal to the future of these students. The eighth grade national exam determines the course of future education for every student. For this reason, the 8th grade year requires additional focus and attention from the teachers.

The purchase of a plot of land to add to the Nambale Magnet school campus will allow teachers to live close to the school so that they will be able to provide the students the attention they need. It is also a way of attracting, motivating and retaining the finest teachers.

This particular parcel purchased is now fully enclosed by the Nambale Magnet School. The parcel has a large house and a small one and some bathroom structures.  With renovation, the plot can house two teachers. The purchase of this land will allow a multi year process of providing a larger fully contiguous campus.

While the need for more land will be inevitable, this parcel will enable the school to add this important component of teacher housing and fills a very current growth need.

With this purchase and renovation, the Nambale Magnet School is proud to house the head teacher, 4 teachers and 8 other staff (the matron, two boarding teachers, 3 housemothers, a cook and a farm manager.

This provides security and stability for the children and enticement for the best possible employment candidates in each category.

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