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The school has experienced challenges of food storage in the past. It has been very challenging to buy food in bulk during harvest season when the cost is low and affordable. This gift will be used to construct a suitable storage for food/grains, which will last at least a school term lasting 3 months.

In order to be financially efficient NMS employs economies of scale to purchase non perishable goods in bulk. Cornerstone project funded the construction of a food storage unit that can house food and grain enough to last an entire trimester. With the storage unit installed, the cost of feeding the children goes down and the school is not subject to shortages. This and the schools own farm that provides fresh milk, eggs and vegetables allows the growing children a healthy and economical diet.

To avoid any temptation of theft or waste in a part of the world that is so poor, everything that goes into the food storage unit is entered into inventory and kept secured. The schools grounds manager keeps track of all inventory in both school supplies and food to make sure nothing is wasted.

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