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Martine Nolletti, the founder of the Cornerstone Project, made a site visit to the school in May and discovered that the Internet connection was so sporadic that a transaction or communication over the internet could be next to impossible to complete. The internet connection is so unreliable in this rural area and can be down for days at a time. The difficulties communicating have a serious impact on the schools operations.

To be competitive globally and to maintain the commitment to being relevant, it is essential to make available to our students, teachers, and staff the most efficient means of doing business. The internet is no longer a luxury but a necessity and has become essential as a doorway to the world.

As a result, the decision was made to research and fund an internet tower. This tower not only increases the speed and bandwidth for the school but will be substantial enough to be able to provide wireless internet (WiFi) connection services outside of the school and within the surrounding community. As with every other micro economy associated with the school, every opportunity is seized to create financial sustainability for the Nambale Magnet School. Nothing is wasted.

UPDATE: This cause has been funded by a Rotary International Grant,  Click to view Project Progress

The tower will be completed in July. With the new tower not only will the school have better communication with its partners overseas but it can also access information. Attention was paid to planning for the future that the tower would be able to accommodate the schools growth in order not to become obsolete.

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