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The Kio Kit is a simple and elegant solution that can turn any classroom into a digital classroom in minutes. It is designed for schools with poor infrastructure.

With a hardened, water-resistant, lockable case, the Kio Kit consists of 40 ruggedized Kio tablets, headphones and a BRCK containing both world-class local and international content. There is a single plug to charge the Kit and one button to power on the entire system. The Kio Tablets and BRCK within it have enough battery to manage intermittent power in rural areas.

The Kio Kit comes with a wealth of pre-loaded content from some of the world’s leading digital publishers. It includes: Academic content aligned to local curriculum; games that stimulate critical thinking; and content outside of the curriculum focused on responsible citizenship.

The Kio Kit offers a lighter technology footprint and is designed with an intuitive interface for children.

UPDATE: NMS Learners taking Kio Kit tablet lessons

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