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Two major storm ripped through the school in October and December of 2017. Cornerstone Project was there to help fund the gutter and roof repairs both times.

With global warming and changing weather patterns, the storms have become more severe in the Busia District and the weather more extreme. This is a great source of concern as storms have recently intensified and over powered the Schools roof systems. It has become apparent after the last two storms that a more ecologically sustainable design is in order that ensures low cost engineering using locally sourced materials built to new standards of permanence.

Cornerstone Projects commitment to sustainable design is leading us to explore innovative ways to build and in so doing, also teach another skill that is needed in the community; that of construction.

As we look to future phases of construction and even some retro fitting of existing buildings, our goal will be to have the school’s buildings engineered for greater permanence. Cornerstone Projects founder and Evalyn Wakhusama the founder of the Nambale Magnet School have begun preliminary conversations with an Architectural Group that can provide the school with innovative sustainable design. As NMS looks to the future, the design choices will be adapted to this new reality.

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