Introducing the Karibu Guest House

The guest house was officially opened on June 13th, 2016 and was funded by Eve and Carey in collaboration with Cornerstone Project and the Nambale Magnet School. The guest house will host volunteers and other guests visiting the school, including students visiting from abroad and/or mission trips.

UPDATE: SWV Mission Trip, New Paint for the Guest House

Recently, seven teens and two adults traveled all the way from San Francisco to Western Kenya for a Youth Mission Trip. During their visit they were kind enough to volunteer around the school and one of the things the students did was paint the Karibu Guest House. Below is an excerpt by one of the guests visiting the Nambale Magnet School during the mission trip…

We were lucky to stay for most of the trip at the school’s newly-constructed guest house; called “Karibu House” (Karibu means welcome in Kiswahili). Our main service to the school was painting the exterior of buildings. We worked to finish the guest house, the dining hall, and the two dormitories. Every morning was dedicated to painting, led by Simon, also known as “Dr. Marangi” (the Paint Doctor). The intense heat made the painting challenging from time to time, but we persevered. The Paint Doctor brought us gifts as well as paint, including handmade bracelets, a jackfruit, and sugar cane. It was lovely to see a lasting and meaningful transformation come to the school buildings.




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