Science Equipment for New Science Lab

There is a new science laboratory in the works at the Nambale Magnet School and in order for learners to get hands on, we are going to need to get some new science equipment. This includes but is not limited to goggles, lab coats,...

$300 Raised Goal $1,000
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Constructing a Food Storage Unit

The school has experienced challenges of food storage in the past. It has been very challenging to buy food in bulk during harvest season when the cost is low and affordable. This gift will be used to construct a suitable storage ...

$10,000 Raised Goal $10,000

Playground and Sports Equipment

The school is boosting play equipment available to learners so that they are availed adequate opportunities for development of individual talents and personality. Thereby allowing development of potential interests and abilities. ...

$740 Raised Goal $740

Tiling the Dining Hall Floor

2017 started with a bang as Cornerstone Project began by funding $5000.00 for tiling the dining hall. Previously the dining hall floor was painted cement. The cement floor would need yearly repainting and was subject to cracking. ...

$5,000 Raised Goal $5,000