School Nurse Salary

In January of 2018 we were privileged to provide the salary commitment for a school nurse. This was an important gift to the Nambale Magnet School for so many reasons. The clinics and health care options are very far from this rur...

$2,000 Raised Goal $2,000

Teacher Housing Renovations

To motivate teachers and encourage their stay at the school, housing is one benefit that is attractive for teacher retention. The school proposes to renovate a housing unit that we successfully were able to raise funds for in May ...

$10,000 Raised Goal $10,000

Adjacent Land Purchase for Teacher Housing

The NMS entered the eighth grade year that is pivotal to the future of these students. The eighth grade national exam determines the course of future education for every student. For this reason, the 8th grade year requires additi...

$25,000 Raised Goal $25,000

Eighth Grade Teacher & Support Staff Training

With the children entering the pivotal 8th grade year, it was important to give the teachers the training to help the students achieve their goal. The training covers a holistic approach involving teaching skills, motivation and t...

$1,000 Raised Goal $1,000