A Prayer Request for Romie Palladino

Just recently one of our beloved board members Romie Palladino and her girlfriend Bonnie were hit by a van. The incident occurred while they were crossing the street at an intersection in the city of Durham, NC. The couple were on their way to a dinner celebration for Romie’s daughter. While crossing, a van ran a red light, hit the two of them and then immediately fled the scene of the crime. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing the driver of the van is still at large.

Now… my dear friend and Cornerstone Project board member is in the hospital fighting for every breath with broken ribs and a broken clavicle. Her partner Bonnie has an injured knee and faces surgery.

As many of you know, Romie and Bonnie are interfaith ministers. The two of them have devoted their careers to the service of others. The ideals of peace and love that guide their ministries. Countless people have benefited from their tireless work.

Please send breath and healing to this lovely pair. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

UPDATE – NOVEMBER 28th, 2016

Board Member Dr. Romie Palladino has had a long road since the accident. She is currently out of the hospital, however, eating well and healing little by little. All of the concern and prayers has bolstered her healing and we are all very grateful.

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