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Barbara Bourgeois - Director

Barbara's years of service to the Cornerstone Project was born out of her friendship with Martine Nolletti and the Schools founder Evalyn Wakhusama who she met in 1999 when Evalyn was attending Yale Divinity school.

She supports the Cornerstone Project as an officer and also supports the education of one of the graduated students from NMS through the high school scholarship program.

She heads the Cornerstone Project's largest fund-raising event that has now gone virtual, the Fall Festival

Barbara's daughter Sophia self-initiated the first internship at the school by creating a soccer camp for the student of the Nambale Magnet School and raised the money to send them Soccer equipment. All of this at the age of 16.

Her calm and steady discernment and practical solutions to challenges has made a significant contribution to the success of the Cornerstone Project and has handily secured her the position of President.

Barbara has a background in crisis counseling for children which gives her a voice in assisting the children of the school, many of whom start with the trauma of homelessness and abject poverty. Her commitment to children has been a constant in all of her persuits.

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