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NMS Students Again Score Highest in County in National Exams

April 16, 2021 - Once again, Nambale Magnet School has ranked #1 the county in the most recent Eight Grade National Exams, with NMS students acheiving a mean score of just over 373. The National Eight Grade Exam determines the future of all Kenyan children's education. With these high scores, the children can go on to good high schools and higher learning.

"We have brilliant students, and are so proud to support them!  This track record of excellence has done a lot to boost the children's self-confidence and goals for the future." says Cornerstone Project's chairperson, Martine Nolletti.  "The Nambale Magnet School has managed to place all of the vulnerable student population into private high schools through generous donors here in the US," Nolletti adds.

But the commitment to these children does not end at the eighth grade level. Last year, two of NMS's earliest eighth grade graduates are now seniors at the Light Academy in Nairobi, one of Kenya's finest High Schools.

The children of the Nambale Magnet School are being given the tools to be able to compete in a global society and the heart to come back and encourage other students to have confidence in their futures.

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