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Martine Nolletti - Chairman
Martine Nolletti has a background in sustainable design and real estate. She is extremely committed to philanthropic endeavors. Martine has been assisting the Nambale Magnet School since its inception, having met Evalyn Wakhusama when she first came to the USA. 

Martine first volunteered with WIKS USA Inc., another Connecticut charitable corporation that was also engaged in fundraising efforts for the Nambale Magnet School. In addition to fundraising, she also served as an advisor on environmental stewardship ... [ website ]

Vivian Birdsall - Director
Vivian is a highly qualified STEM teacher and program leader with 27 years of experience teaching both elementary and secondary levels in a wide range of environments, with specialized expertise in developing dynamic educational and teacher instruction programs. She is committed to improving learning experiences for diverse student populations ... [ website ]

Colleen Bouquot - Director
Colleen is currently a 5th grade STEM teacher. She graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a Bachelor's in Elementary Education and Psychology. Colleen will be starting her Master's in Education in Curriculum and Instruction. 

After visiting the Nambale Magnet School in May of 2018 it was clear that she has a passion for teaching and working with current classroom teachers. Colleen was the first student teacher and member of the Kappa Delta Pi to attend the Nambale Magnet school ... [ website ]

Barbara Bourgeois - Director
Barbara's years of service to the Cornerstone Project was born out of her friendship with Martine Nolletti and the Schools founder Evalyn Wakhusama who she met in 1999 when Evalyn was attending Yale Divinity school.

She supports the Cornerstone Project as an officer and also supports the education of one of the graduated students from NMS through the high school scholarship program ... [ website ]

Tina DeNapoles - Director
Tina DeNapoles came to the Cornerstone project through a shared partnership with Martine Nolletti in the Rotary Club of Milford CT.

Together they chaired many committees and co-managed fund raisers for the Rotary club. Tina was instrumental in involving the local rotary club in funding projects for the Nambale Magnet School and later the Rotary international in securing a large water grant. In addition, Tina has personally supported the Cornerstone Project in all its goals and initiatives ... [ website ]

Nancy Murray, EdD - Director
Dr. Murray, Professor in the Education Department at Fitchburg State University is currently serving as Interim Dean of Education at the University.  She holds degrees in special education and literacy and had a distinguished career as a pre-K and elementary educator with a focus on students with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

She has done extensive educator training on this topic and was instrumental in the creation of graduate certificate programs in Behavior Analysis and Autism Spectrum Disorders at Fitchburg State University ... [ website ]

Lizzie Olmsted - Director
Lizzie has a bachelor's degree from the University of Rhode Island in Human Development & Family Studies as well as a minor in Elementary Education. She is also a member of Kappa Delta Pi, International Education Honor Society. She is currently pursuing a career in Mental Health Counseling.

Lizzie was one of the first student interns to travel to the Nambale Magnet School in 2018 and helped launch the lasting partnership between KDP and the Nambale Magnet School ... [ website ]

Romie Palladino - Director
Rosemarie Palladino is a graduate of Yale Divinity School. Rosemarie did her undergraduate work in communications arts earning a Bachelor of Arts from the College of Mount Saint Vincent.

She is a valued member and brings strong administrative skills to the charity ... [ website ]

Megan Steiger - Director
Megan has a Bachelor's degree in Special Education from Fitchburg State University in Fitchburg MA. She is currently enrolled there for her Master's degree program. As a member of Kappa Delta Pi International Honors society for teaching, Megan was the president of the Fitchburg University Chapter in 2019 .

Megan also traveled to the Nambale Magnet School on an internship to student teach in 2019. She serves on the Cornerstone Project's Board as well as  ... [ website ]

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