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Welcome to the Cornerstone Project

The Cornerstone Project is a charitable foundation that transforms and sustains marginalized communities by educating, nurturing and empowering their most vulnerable members.  It was founded in 2008, initially to provide education for AIDS orphans in Kenya ... [ more ]

Computers & Technology Upgrades Urgently Needed

November 15, 2021 - As the COVID pandemic highlighted and the general trends indicate, technology and computers are essential tools in the modern and remote education process. The school’s computers were acquired in 2012 and have been refurbished on many occasions over the years. The computers have now reached the point of complete obsolescence. From the original 45 computers that the computer lab started with, only 13 remain. There is an urgent need for 50 new computers for the computer lab ... [ more ]

Life After the Fire - A Ten Year Plan

November 1, 2021 - As many of you know, in June of 2021, a fire broke out in the Nambale Magnet School's boys' dormitory which was started by an electrical fault.  Mercifully, no one was hurt and our generous donors, the school was able to clean up and provide temporary housing for the displaced learners. Now the job of rebuilding begins as Cornerstone Project, Friends of Nambale, WIKS-USA and others begin long-term planning to update infrastructure and curriculum at the school ... [ more ]

Twelve Years of Educating and Nurturing!

October 18, 2021 - This year the Nambale Magnet School celebrated twelve years of educating and nurturing the most vulnerable children of Western Kenya. In 2016, the first NMS graduating class transitioned to high school and 100% of these students (and of all the graduating classes since then) have gone on to high school! This is an unparalleled statistic compared to most Kenyan schools ... [ more ]

Fifth Annual Fall Festival a Wonderful Success!

October 12, 2021 - Our Fifth Annual Fall Festival was a great success thanks to our sponsors, our amazingly talented musician Bobby Jo Valentine, and Clearing House Auctions. After the concert, thanks to the wonders of Zoom, we had a great meeting with Rev. Evalyn the school's founder in Kenya!  Open this news article to watch the Fall Festival Video ... [ more ]

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