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Ann is currently in Grade Six. She joined the Nambale Magnet School in Grade Two and previously was schooled at St. Rose Mabale in Busia. She has three brothers and three sisters. She is the fifth child.

"Before I came to NMS, I walked a long distance to go to school. I did not have shoes and my uniform was tattered. I never took breakfast and at lunch, mama would give me porridge or boiled cassava.

Many times we slept hungry because my father is sick and mama did not have a job. When I joined NMS, I was happy because there is good food, I have uniforms and I no longer walk barefoot. I live at school so I have enough time to read. Being here has really helped me. I am healthy because of the balanced diet we are given, I can confidently speak English and the teachers are very helpful. The learners are also disciplined. My favorite days are those I spend at NMS," Ann tells us.

Ann aspires to be a doctor when she is older. Her favorite subject is learning the Kiswahili.

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