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8th Grade Test Results are in and the Results are Awesome

November 21, 2017 - The First 8th grade graduating class this year was top in the region on the 8th grade standardized test of Kenya. We were able to find scholarships for all of our students! This year's candidates sat for the test and the results are now in.

This is amazing. We exceeded our performance of last year and are the number one scoring school in the region by a large margin. We are not exactly sure yet but it looks like we might also have the top test score in the region as well as the highest overall average! So proud of our hard working dedicated teachers and students!

An improvement from last year's performance by a positive deviation of 3.61%

Out of 993,718 candidates countrywide who took exams, we presented 26. From this number, ONLY 9,846 scored 400 marks and above out of a possible 500. Our school had 7 candidates with over 400 and none below 250 marks, which is the pass mark to join high school.

Our sponsored learners did very well and nearly all may be admitted into the finest high schools in the country. Thank you so much for the support you have given us. We thank God for you. Indeed it takes team work to achieve something good.

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