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First Quarter Fundraising Results for Nambale Magnet School

April 22, 2017 - The first quarter of 2017 has been absolutely fantastic, fundraising efforts resulted in over $30,000 being raised for the following causes and projects.

Tiling the Dining Hall

2017 started with a bang as Cornerstone Project began by funding $5000.00 for tiling the dining hall.

Previously the dining hall floor was painted cement. The cement floor would need yearly repainting and was subject to cracking. This was a cheaper solution initially but the longer-term maintenance of the cement floor increased the maintenance cost on the premises.

Tiling the dining hall was a gift of the First Presbyterian Church of Miami that will cut the maintenance costs of the building considerably and assist in the school's commitment to financial sustainability.

We hope to continue to tile throughout the entire school with future donations. It costs approximately $800.00 to tile a classroom.

Funded: $5,000.00 on January 25th, 2017

A Generator at Last for the Nambale Magnet School!

Through the generous gifts of some repeat donors, we were able to fund at long last a generator for the School. With infrastructure in the region fragile and power outages a common occurrence, this generator has been on the wish list since the schools inception.

Cornerstone Project was able to assure that the lights will stay on and learning will not be interrupted. As a part of our commitment to ecological and financial sustainability, the use of solar power, a bio digester (to turn effluence from the farm into bio fuel) and vertical farming techniques to conserve on water usage is in discussion.

We are eager to find additional donors interested in these technologies.

Funded: $15,000.00 on April 6th, 2017

Digital Learning for the Classroom through a Kio Kit and Accessories

The Kio Kit is a simple and elegant solution that can turn any classroom into a digital classroom in minutes. It is designed for schools with poor infrastructure.

With a hardened, water-resistant, lockable case, the Kio Kit consists of 40 ruggedized Kio tablets, headphones and a BRCK containing both world-class local and international content. There is a single plug to charge the Kit and one button to power on the entire system. The Kio Tablets and BRCK within it have enough battery to manage intermittent power in rural areas.

The Kio Kit comes with a wealth of pre-loaded content from some of the world's leading digital publishers. It includes: Academic content aligned to local curriculum; games that stimulate critical thinking; and content outside of the curriculum focused on responsible citizenship.

The Kio Kit offers a lighter technology footprint and is designed with an intuitive interface for children.

Funded: $7,500.00 on March 18th, 2017

The UCONN Junior Lions Club Donated a Cow

Mazey the cow was donated by the fundraising efforts of the Uconn Junior Lions Club. She has since given birth and she and her calf are in good health. The schools farm is a vital component to the schools economy and Cornerstone was very happy to be able to provide the farms' newest member.

Funded: $1,000 on January 2nd, 2017

A High School Scholarship for One of Our Graduating 8th Graders

One of our Board Members has taken on the responsibility of supporting one of our graduating 8th graders Oscar through high school at the Kakamega High School.

Since currently the Nambale Magnet School only goes to the 8th grade, the school took great care to make sure that the children could all be placed in High Schools that allow them to continue their education either by merit scholarships or financial need scholarships.

We were fortunate enough to place all of our sponsored learners in appropriate high schools across Kenya. The cost per learner for one year's tuition: $1,500.00

We intend on continuing to fund high school scholarships for the sponsored learners until such time as we have a high school to accommodate them.

Funded: $1,500.00 on January 25th, 2017


We hope to be keeping up the increasing water consumption by our growing population by funding a borehole, well, water tanks, and filtration system. We will be keeping all posted on this important fund raising agenda.

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