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Life After the Fire - A Ten Year Plan

November 1, 2021 - As many of you know, in June of 2021, a fire broke out in the Nambale Magnet School’s boys’ dormitory which was started by an electrical fault causing 50% of the boy’s dorm to be irreparably burned.

Mercifully, no one was hurt and, thanks to the fast action on behalf our generous donors, the school was able to clean up and provide temporary housing for the displaced learners. Beds were replaced and special attention was given to the children in assisting them with the trauma of the event. Now the job of rebuilding begins.

The 10-Year Plan

Coincidentally, the fire occurred at the very same time as discussions were already underway on a path forward into the future and a ten-year plan to update infrastructure and curriculum.

Below is a window into the plan so far:

  • The ministry of education has weighed in on building safety measures that need to be established going forward. This includes a stand alone building that will house the dormitory for 160 boys.
  • Both the boys’ and girls’ dorms will be separately fenced, and windows will be replaced for easy egress in cases of emergency. Upgraded electrical surge control measures were already in conversation and will certainly be part of the 10-year plan.
  • New administrative offices are being proposed for more efficient operation and to prevent congestion at the school’s lobby entrance which is where the office are located.
  • An upgraded security gate is being proposed to allow safe passage to and from the school.
  • The school's computers were acquired in 2012 and have been refurbished on many occasions over the years. The computers have now reached the point of complete obsolescence. From the original 45 computers that the computer lab started with, only 13 remain. There is an urgent need for 50 new computers for the computer lab.
  • Virtual learning has become a new reality since the age of COVID. For this reason, part of the ten-year plan is dedicated to smartboard and projectors for all 20 classrooms.

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