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Nambale Magnet School Reopens Amidst Stringent COVID Requirements and Stressful Financial Conditions

October 9, 2020 – Two days ago the Kenyan Government unexpectedly announced the partial reopening of schools beginning Monday, October 12th for students at the primary level in grades four and eight.

With schools closed since March 2020 due to COVID-19 and speculation that classes would be postponed until January or possibly the next school year, the Nambale Magnet School, among others, was not expecting or fully prepared for the reopening.

With no government funding and less than a week’s notice, the Nambale Magnet School is scrambling to adequately prepare to safely welcome children back to the school.

In order to meet the government’s health and safety protocols, the School is now faced with the acquisition of adequate PPE, thermal guns, cleaning supplies and washing stations. The school must also invest in new single student desks to replace their existing double seated desks which are not COVID compliant for adequate social distancing. Investing in proper safety training for all staff members is also a necessity.

As 91 students, 10 teachers and 6 support staff members return, the Nambale School is seeking urgent support and funding to accommodate the reopening. The school also needs to plan for the imminent return of the rest of the student body.  In order to keep the children safe and implement the COVID-19 regulations, the School would need $26,000 in emergency funding.

The Nambale Cornerstone Project, which funds the School’s operating budget, has provided an initial $6,000 so the Fourth and Eighth grade students could return on October 12th.  With pledges received to date, another $11,000 is still needed to prepare for the return of the remaining students.

Individuals, corporations, churches and faith communities who are able to assist in donating to this emergency relief effort can contact Martine Nolletti at or click the DONATE NOW button at the top of this page.  Thank you!

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