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Nambale Magnet School Student Body Returns for the First Time Since COVID Closing

January 7, 2021 -  The Nambale Magnet School students are so happy to return to school. During the school closure, many of these children suffered extreme conditions of lack of nutrition and proper sanitation for bathing and washing. This was the heart-breaking result of removing these children from the safest environment they know.

With a government mandate in place to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the paradox was that these children were tragically susceptible to a host of other dangers of extreme poverty.

Many of the students return from break under-weight, sickly with parasites and skin infections. Common skin ailments are jiggers that burrow into the children's bare feet, ring worm and rashes.

After some time of care and nutrition, rest, learning and play, these conditions will improve, and the children will resume a healthy quality of life. For many of these children, being in school isn't simply a means to an education that will allow them to prosper, but also a means of survival.

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