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Partnering with Kappa Delta Pi

March 6, 2020 – Today the Cornerstone Project met with several members of the Kappa Delta Pi chapters of University of Rhode Island and Fitchburg State University to discuss ways of strengthening our partnership in assisting the Nambale Magnet School.

In order to manage the increased interest in the Nambale Magnet School by Kappa Delta Pi, the initial members of the partnership met on this day to strategize how best to manage visiting groups of student teachers to the school and create best practices in selecting candidates and coordinating curriculum.  With systems in place to manage growth, this partnership is ready to move to the next level.

Last October, Evalyn Wakhusama the Nambale Magnet School's founder and Martine Nolletti , traveled to a convocation of Kappa Delta Pi in Norfolk Virginia. Kappa Delta Pi is an international teacher's honor Society. 

They met with with Dr Nancy Murray, acting Dean department of Education at Fitchberg State University, Masters candidate Meghan Steiger at Fitchberg State University, Laurie Derosa Board Member Kappa Delta Pi Rhode Island Chapter and group liason, and Dr Susan Brand, Professor of early childhood education at the University of Rhode Island.

(left to right - Meghan Steiger, Dr Nancy Murray, Rev. Evalyn Wakhusama, Laurie Derosa, Martine Nolletti)

A partnership has formed between various North Eastern Chapters of Kappa Delta Pi and the Nambale Magnet School, through the Cornerstone Project.

Earlier, members of Kappa Delta Pi have visited the school and inducted the teachers of the Nambale Magnet School into the honor society. This allows all of the teachers at NMS to have access to all of the teacher training tools available to them through the internet. To this end, Cornerstone Project raised the money to an internet tower and boosters to allow internet connectivity throughout the school's campus in order to take advantage of the exchange of information.

The teachers and student teachers created an exchange of information that has been to the benefit to both groups of teachers, both in the US and in Nambale. The teachers came with donated I pads and digital learning programs for the children as well.

At the national convocation of Kappa Delta Pi, in October 2019 friendships and partnerships were strengthened and greater networks established. Martine Nolletti was inducted as an honorary member of KDP due to her group's commitment to education.

Future trips are in the works for a rotating group of teachers and student teachers each year in May and January.

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