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The Nambale Magnet School is Celebrating You on Thanksgiving

November 20, 2017 -I am sitting outside my office at the School and staring into the empty field.

It is 5PM and very quiet except for the noise of traffic on the road. It feels strange that the academic year has come to an end after a flurry of activities. The class of 2017 has completed the National Examinations.

For the last 10 months it has been like a military training camp for these learners. The teachers worked around the clock to ensure the syllabus is covered by August, and sufficient time left to revise for their final Exams.

This class of 26 very determined learners, adopted the motto: "Record Crushers". Their predecessor, the class of 2016 set the record by scoring high grades that qualified all 27 into high schools. To keep up with the tradition of success, this year's class immersed itself into rigorous work for even better results. We anticipate a good outcome. In the meantime, all the long hours of class, study and exams, are over and done, Hooray! The rest of the school is in recess until January 2018.

No wonder the school is quiet, no learners running around, no cheerful and familiar voices in the background of my office as I work, no choruses of singing games. The feeling is strange with 350 learners away.

Looking back now over the years makes me appreciate how far we have come. I am indeed grateful for the generosity of our donors. You have lifted us from the margins of society to the center of things. We have indeed risen from ashes to roses, from hopelessness to bursting self-esteem. Thank you for investing your time and resources in our future leaders. Among these learners will emerge great men and women of influence, leaders, professionals, pastors, businessmen & women, great parents just because you loved and shared your resources.

As we celebrate another successful year, may I heartily thank you for being a wonderful partner with Nambale Magnet School. I take this time to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

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