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Twelve Years of Educating and Nurturing!

October 18, 2021 - This year the Nambale Magnet School celebrated twelve years of educating and nurturing the most vulnerable children of Western Kenya. In 2016, the first NMS graduating class transitioned to high school and 100% of these students (and of all the graduating classes since then) have gone on to high school! This is an unparalleled statistic compared to most Kenyan schools.

What is more significant is that the top position of this graduating class was a tie between a male and female student. In a patriarchal society such as Kenya, this has a significant impact. It has been proven that education for female students and the reduction of overall poverty in a community go hand in hand. The mission of the school and its commitment to the community is the elimination of poverty through education.  Gender inclusivity in education is an imperative key to this mission.

In April 2020, the first NMS class graduated from High School went off to university to study, law, aerospace engineering, nursing, pharmacy, education, IT and medicine. These children would have never had such opportunity if it were not for their education, home and values provided by the Nambale Magnet School.

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