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Faculty and Staff

The Nambale Magnet School is proud of its outstanding staff led by the Director of the School, Reverend Evelyn Wakhusama. She is supported by a headteacher, social worker, deputy headteacher, and business manager, each of whom is responsible for different programs at the School.

Sixteen classroom teachers are responsible for Nambale Magnet School's robust instruction for grade levels Pre-K through 8. The School's staff includes a librarian who sometimes works as a teacher's aide, a secretary, and a nurse who handles all medical needs. NMS has a facilities officer who is responsible for the maintenance of the physical plant, an IT professional who maintains our computers and technology, and a security officer. Also, six cooks and aides plan and prepare nutritious meals for all of the students.

In addition to their academic instruction, the care and well-being of all the children at NMS is a priority. Nine staff members act as caretakers and are responsible for the needs of the residential children during the overnight and weekend periods. 

The School's dairy farm employs ten individuals who manage the extensive agricultural system which provides food for the children and sells products to the local community.

Together all of these people contribute to making NMS a thriving place to learn and grow!

Below you will find a selection of staff stories.

Barbra Alado Omeri
Meet Barbra Alado Omeri! - Barbra just signed on as Business Manager for the Nambale Magnet School. As business manager, Barbra is tasked to increase the efficiency of the school's operations.

Her style is very collaborative, and her goals are to grow, prosper, design, implement, business plans and strategies that promote the highest level of efficiency ... [ more ]

Michael Matete
In our series that looks into the many facets of the Nambale Magnet School, we highlight the school's micro economy and its connection to hands-on real-life learning. We introduce you to Michael Matete. Michael supervises the schools farm production unit. This includes the crops, dairy unit, chicken facility and the pigsty.

Michael hails from the Nambale area and enjoys seeing the students understand the natural world and learn ways to cultivate sustainability ... [ more ]

Sara Oyuu
In our series that looks into workings of the Nambale Magent School, we introduce to you Sara Oyuu. Sara, who arrived at the school in 2021, is a young and enthusiastic new teacher that teaches French at the school.

The children not only speak their native Kiswahili but are instructed in English and given a third language from an early age. Sara also teaches computer skills for children from grades 2-6. Her love for the French language came from a former high school teacher ... [ more ]

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